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Julie Etheridge is a personal and business coach specialising in wellbeing and behaviour change. She loves helping her clients gain clarity on what they truly want; discovering what’s holding them back and discover options on the way forward and improve their life. Julie says ‘We often feel stuck but that’s because we tend to think in a certain way, coaching helps you to see things differently and open up new possibilities’

Julie trained as a coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management and is also a Goal Mapping Facilitator. Goal Mapping is a great tool that enables to you to ‘map’ your goals. Your maps then act as a compass, reminding you every day on where you are heading and how you are going to get there. You can have maps for the various areas of your life: Relationships, Health, Career, Lifestyle, Purpose. Goal maps are flexible too so they can be easily adjusted as you progress and adapt to unforeseen change. Julie has used Goal Mapping to help transform her life and now shares this powerful technique with others.

Examples of Julie’s Goal Maps:

Julie Etheridge My Shining Self Goal Map
My Less is More Goal Map, Julie Etheridge
Julie Etheridge, wellbeing 4 u business coach, profile

Julie’s Background

Julie has had a varied career working for large corporates including British Airways and the BBC, she has also travelled extensively and lived and worked for in Africa for 6 years. These experiences have given her a good understanding of many different lifestyles and cultures. She is also a reflexologist and has a wealth of knowledge about wellbeing and self care.

Julie became interested in psychology and personal development after she suffered a period of depression and anxiety. She wanted to understand more about why she had felt this way. Whilst living in Zambia she did a distance learning course in Psychology and when she returned to the UK in 2010 she studied hypnotherapy. This journey ultimately led to coach training; Julie says coaching is her passion and purpose.

It was Julie’s love of nature and animals that took her to Africa and she is now involved in number of local groups that are working to preserve the natural environment and secure a more sustainable way of life. She is also a keen yogi and practices yoga regularly.

Visit Julie’s wellbeing 4u webpage for one-to-one coaching and to develop your own goal map.



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About Julie & Wellbeing 4u


Personal and Business Coach


What made you want to go into coaching?

It’s a long story which began during a period of my life when I suffered from depression and anxiety. This, strangely, took me on a journey to Africa and a fascination with the human mind. I took a self study course in psychology whilst I lived in Zambia and when I returned to the UK I studied hypnotherapy.  In 2018 I discovered Goal Mapping, a coaching tool developed by Brian Mayne, he trained me to coach with Goal Mapping and this helped me gain clarity about what I wanted in all areas of my life and set me on a path of personal development.  More recently, through my employment with Imperial College London I studied coaching and I am now qualified as a level 5 coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). 

Have you always enjoyed helping other people?

Yes, I am a naturally caring person and love helping others. We all have immense potential but we often get in our own way. Coaching helps to help us see things differently and remove the mental barriers that often prevent us from moving forward. As a reflexologist I enjoy nurturing and supporting my clients in a holistic way.

How effective can Goal Mapping be?

I know of so many people whose dreams and goals have realised as a result of creating their Goal Map.

As a child I don’t think I was ever encouraged to think about what I truly wanted in life, working through each area of my life and thinking how I wanted it to be was incredibly powerful. From relationships to wellbeing, career and life purpose, gaining clarity about what you want is a crucial step on the path to goal achievement.

Can someone have mulitiple Goal maps for various parts of their life?

Most definitely, I have over 20!  You can goal map at a high, strategic level then create goal maps for individual tasks or milestone.  Visualising yourself achieving your goal is very powerful and engages the subconscious mind, it also helps us to think positively which is scientifically proven to support achievement of your goals.

How big an impact can your coaching have on other people’s lives?

Coaching can bring life changing results.  As a coach I will truly listen without agenda, asking questions and providing feedback, it’s quite different to the way most of us communicate in our everyday life. Coaching provides space for the coachee to discover and explore ways to progress from where they are currently to a more preferable situation. The decisions and control is always with the coachee, it’s often about facing challenges and fears and realising there is a different better way of thinking and being. Coaching helps to provide a catalyst for change providing the coachee is prepared to commit and take action.