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Tracy Hammond Small Business Services, VA

Tracy Hammond Small Business Services

Virtual Assistant Supporting Small Businesses

Tracy Hammond is a VA and helps small business owners by supporting them with non core office tasks, so that they can focus more on their business.

With thirty years of extensive PA experience, office management, events management and administration, Tracy can offer her knowledge and skills to relieve some of the workload. She can assist busy owner managed businesses and solopreneurs to focus on building their businesses and getting support where they need it.

As an ex military wife, she has also worked overseas and in the UK, so has been exposed to a wide range of different businesses.

Tracy Hammond Small Business Services

Tracy can step in at any time if you require professional help and support around your business.

She can be flexible to suit your business needs and work virtually to help you in the background. This includes administration, setting up systems, processes, management systems and office management.

Tracy also has a strong network of associates who can help out if need be. If she is unable to do something then she will know who has the required skills.

Get in touch if you are in need of someone to step in and assist with any work related requirements.

About Tracy 

What are the main services you offer?

With three decades of business and office management experience, as well as my operational knowledge, I parachute in to ‘owner managed’ enterprises to support them, as they scale and develop their businesses. With time released for the more enjoyable things in life, a better work/life fulfilment is achieved.

What are the benefits of hiring your services?

provide not only business support but also lifestyle support to enable clients to achieve the full work/life fulfilment.  With a trusted network I am about to source other help and services when required.

You have offered business support for a number of years. Have you always enjoyed helping others?

I love reducing the overwhelm and stress people feel when faced with tasks that they dread but that I can do for them very quickly. There is nothing better than hearing a client’s huge sigh of relief when everything has been attended to!

Have you always been organised?

Always! Being an ex military wife I can pack up a house and move a family overseas – including pets and vehicles – with ease and love the element of organisation and pulling it all together.