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The Life Wife

Family and Lifestyle Assistant

Karin Timothy is a family lifestyle assistant based in Buckinghamshire offering lifestyle services for busy families. Karin has 25 years of experience managing and meeting the demands of high net worth clients at British Airways. By helping others with day-to-day tasks that they just can’t manage alone, Karin is able to reduce the overwhelm.

Karin Timothy, The Life Wife, Family and lifestyle services

Personal Assistant to Help Lighten the Load

The Life Wife is a service to help parents to be more present and less stressed. Karin is able to step in and assist with the things they don’t have time for.

This includes admin jobs, such as diary planning, decluttering your inbox or sorting out finances and household bills.

Karin can also help with holiday planning, organising activities or events, party planning and meal planning. She can even help you to search for a school for your child or even a new property.

Shopping or Planning

Sometimes being a busy parent can limit time for things like grocery shopping or gift buying.

Karin can discuss with you the things you don’t enjoy doing, you don’t have time for or simply struggle with. She can help you to organise your family calendar, meal planning, appointments or prescriptions.


Book a Discovery Call With The Life Wife

If you feel as though there are not enough hours in the day, or you want someone by your side to help to lighten the load, book in a free discovery call.

Karin from The Life Wife will then work with you to see where she can take the pressure off. Visit her website to find out more about all of her services.

About Karin


What gave you the idea to create family and lifestyle services for busy parents?

During the lockdown I noticed friends really struggling with the juggle! The home schooling, working from home and not to mention what felt like constantly cooking!

I wanted a service which created a bespoke partnership with my client that relieved the pressure of the “family to do” list.

Finding the help and support that client needed to rebalance the family workload.


Do you think there is a huge pressure for parents to juggle home and work life?

Absolutely! People have found that their home has now become their office and there isn’t maybe the “escape” they once had. There may be a feeling of imbalance and parents and families are working hard to manage family life without having the time to enjoy it.

There are also people that have worked hard to achieve the careers they have. The more successful they become, the busier they are and the less time they must reward their hard work with those they love. There’s a feeling of continually being pulled between the two.


Since lockdown, do you think there is a greater need for the services you offer?

People have been given the time to think about life not only pre covid but also what life maybe like post covid. Many of us were forced to slow down and this then created space to rethink what was either working or not working.

I help clients to celebrate what works, rethinking what doesn’t, regaining control and working out a plan to move forward.


Do you feel people still find it difficult to ask for help?

I think we all want to feel that we’re invincible and can do everything. The fact is we often can’t, or more importantly there’s the realisation that we don’t
have to.

I look at the relationship with my client as a partnership and offer a helping hand to readdress the balance, so they have time to take care of themselves and those around them.

It’s good to ask for help – it’s a sign of success.


Vulnerability is not weakness, it’s our greatest measure of courage – Brene