Terms & Conditions



As part of your listing, we at Face2Face Direct will require original photograph/s of you the business owner or management. Any photographs must be free and legal to use on the directory. You must allow us to take photo’s on location and a video shoot if applicable. This is for the business listing only and will not be shared anywhere else.

We will require permission from the owner of the premises if relevant.

Face2Face Direct will also need permission of any other person/s who may also appear in the video and/or photographs.

We at Face2Face Direct work with you the business owner at every stage of filming and editing, ensuring that the final edit is exactly what you the business owner wants.

Face2Face Direct will use a third party platform (YouTube) to upload the video to, which we at Face2Face Direct do not own and no control over technical issues. We ensure that comments are disabled on the YouTube platform. Videos uploaded to YouTube will be linked back to our directory.

We at Face2Face Direct will use Royalty Free music only. On occasions music may be free to use in online video with a credit to the music owner.

If you the business owner requests specific music for the video which requires payment, Face2Face Direct may add these charges to our fee.

Backups of directory posts including videos will be kept in case of any issues with the website and content is lost. These will be kept safe and only as long as is necessary to comply with GDPR. If listings are removed for any reason, all copies will be deleted.



We at Face2Face Direct are comitted to protecting your privacy and personal data. Information you give us will include name and address of business premises, e-mail address, telephone number/s, information about your business, photographs, audio and video footage.

Information held by us at Face2Face Direct will include contact information, business address, audio interview, video footage and website address. 

Our website uses cookies to improve your user experience and ensure our website functions correctly. Cookies are small amounts of data which are stored on your computer or mobile phone to collect usage information. This includes site performance and analytics. 

You have the right to decline cookies if you wish.

Embedded content on our website from third party sites, such as YouTube and links to external websites may also use cookies and collect data from you.

Featured Businesses

We at Face2Face Direct have discretion over who will be featured on the directory, our social media pages and our newsletter. We retain the rights to deny a business listing or remove an existing listing from our directory if we see good reason, or it is deemed to hurt the reputation of our directory. This may include dishonesty, misleading or incorrect information, non payment or criminal offence.

We will link back to your website and social media pages but we have no control over the content or availability of those sites.

We retain the rights to feature your video and/or listing on our directory and social media platforms.

We will ensure each listing is organically optimised for searched engines including Google and Pinterest with keywording and natural links.

Although we at Face2Face Direct will contact business owners after a period of time in regards to updating information, it is business owner’s responsibility to notify us of immediate changes.

We provide the public with information about your business. If there are any disputes between you the business and a customer, we will have no involvement.



Face2Face Direct may ask for a deposit before filming and editing, and fees will include time spent on location, travel (if it is out of the Maidenhead area) and editing.

Final payment will be due when listing is complete.

If you the business owner cancels the agreement during the filming/editing stages, or once the video is complete, you will still be charged for any time we at Face2Face Direct has spent.

However, the deposit will be refunded only if filming did not go ahead due to cancellation or delay.

Written business listings are charged either on a monthly or annually basis, which will be agreed beforehand.