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The Motivated Mummies

Tammy Rolfe – The Motivated Mummies

Confidence & Transformation Coach

Tammy Rolfe, founder of The Motivated Mummies is a transformation coach based in Buckinghamshire. Tammy aims to help and support Mums who have lost confidence, and know it is affecting their businesses.

As a certified Life Coach trained by Tony Robbins, Tammy will work with you to address issues which could be holding you back, such as negativity or even depression. She will help you to gain confidence whilst feeling completely in control in confidential one to one sessions or small groups. 

As a transformation coach, Tammy can help you to reach your goals and will give you as much coaching as you need.

The Motivated Mummies isn’t only for Mums, but for anyone who needs to improve their life and are ready to do so.

As well as one to one coaching, Tammy also offers an online membership.


Tammy Rolfe The Motivated Mummies head and shoulder profile with book and award

Confidence in Business

Tammy designed her online membership, Confidence in Business, to help all mums succeed on a low outlay of investment. Here you can join mentoring workshop in a small group every month, build relationships and trust via a closed social media group, and have access to over £1,000 worth of training lessons to grow your business.

The focus will be on the business you are in, or want to set up, so you are able to create a business and life plan tailored for you, ensuring great work/life balance.


Role Model

Tammy Rolfe is not just a life coach but she is also a speaker, a trainer and an author.

After many years of suffering with anxiety herself, she found that her own worries were holding her back. By becoming a transformation coach, Tammy is now able to help others who are living their lives how she was in anxiety and fear.


Tammy Rolfe The Motivated Mummies, Photo at award ceremony

She encourages you to ‘be the person you want your child to be’ and become a positive role model to your children.

Tammy has delivered public speaking around this at many events as well as talking about confidence and breaking negative behaviour patterns. 

Plus more support is on offer in her free Facebook group ‘Confidence in Business, Be Seen and Known with the Motivated Mummies’. You are encouraged to be visible without the anxiety.

Tammy is also an author and has written ‘The Motivates Mummies Guide to Confidence’ which is available on Amazon. See her website for more details.



 07585 773812 / 01753 673606


About Tammy

What made you decide to become a transformation coach?

From the age of 17 I was diagnosed with social phobia and generalised anxiety, and at 24 depression. I had seen many therapists but with no success of completely moving away from the problems. At 38 I was still on a high dosage of medication and although on paper I had it all, I felt I had nothing to live for.

In April 2017 I attended a Tony Robbins event called Unleash the Power Within, and within 4 days my life had completely transformed! I knew then that I wanted to help others like he had helped me. I came home from the event, came off all my medication and signed up to become a coach myself.

Have you always enjoyed helping other people?

Yes, I have always been in a caring role. After leaving school I obtained my NNEB Diploma in childcare and worked my way up to managing a day nursery having also worked in a school nursery. Then after my partner left myself and our two girls, I decide to follow my passion and re trained as a beautician. After attending night school whilst working full I time I finally transitioned to become a beautician, and a couple of years later I had my own successful home based salon. I have always been into self help and my clients often commented that I helped them way more than just beauty.

Are members able to attend your courses around their home and work life?

Absolutely! I have designed my membership with busy mums in mind. Having started my own business with two very young children and being a single mum, I do remember what it is like to have a million things to do! Each lesson is written and recorded so you have the option to read or listen to the lesson, which is great if you are like me and enjoy utilising your time whilst getting ready in the morning, or cooking dinner. Just pop on a lesson and press play while you cook.

I have also kept each lesson to around 30 minutes or less, giving you maximum information to build your business with least amount of time spent. Having the membership on the fantastic Kajabi platform is a God send as it is laid out so logically and makes finding where you left off really quick, so no time wasting there. You have everything at a touch of a button on your phone if you wish.

How big an impact can your coaching have on people and their day to day lives?

It can be absolutely life changing, but…….you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. I can give you the tools to transform your life and your business, but you have to be ready to take some action and responsibility for your results. I specialise in helping mums take little action. It is these little steps that are then easy to stick to and make the biggest impact on their lives. When I work with people on a one to one I never tell them what to do, we design the steps together so that they completely meet the needs of not only the client, but their family too. I have many wonderful testimonials from extremely happy people, most of which say they wish they had started earlier!


As well as one to ones and workshops, you also run Facebook groups for Mums in business. How popular do you think facebook groups of this kind are becoming?

Personally I don’t believe you must have one, but they offer a great space to talk to your clients altogether and keep your tribe close. It is a wonderful way to give value and support maximum amount of people with least amount of time spent, allowing the person to focus on their paying clients, which should always be their priority.

Groups are becoming extremely popular as people like to feel like they belong. At time of writing this, we are still in a form of lockdown so it is even more important for mental health and wellbeing that people feel they are important, part of a community and wanted. A group gives you the opportunity to do that. On a business point of view, it is not acceptable to sell on your personal profiles, so a group is a safe place where your clients know they can ask about your product, get value but also you get to showcase what you can offer, knowing the people in the group are interested.