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Serenity Lifestyle Concierge

Virtual Assistant Services

Serenity Lifestyle Concierge is a business based in Berkshire, offering Virtual Assistant, Lifestyle Management and a Personal Concierge services.

Serenity Lifestyle Concierge was founded by Victoria Sutton who worked within private homes for twenty years and she also set up and continues to run a Nanny Recruitment business.

She has an extensive knowledge of the Berkshire and Surrey areas and a network of trusted services.

She uses her skills and knowledge to provide clients with a wide range of home and business support. There are packages to suit your requirements. Or get in touch if you require something more bespoke.

Contact Details

07863 116280


Serenity Lifestyle Concierge

Virtual Assistant Services

Serenity Lifestyle Concierge offer a wide range of VA Services. These include online research, proof reading, social media management, Quickbooks, sending invoices and Mailchimp newsletters.

Other services include organising business trips, booking hotels and arranging meeting rooms.


Lifestyle Management Services

To help with your personal admin, Serenity Lifestyle Concierge can help with varied tasks at home.

For busy lifestyles you can have help with booking your appointments, grocery shopping, changing utility suppliers or even gift wrapping.

With a trusted database of local trades people, a plumber, roofer or kitchen supplier can be arranged on your behalf.

Get in touch for more details.

SL Concierge Event and party planning

If you need help with organising a party venue, suppliers or planning a meal, then get in contact to find out more. You may need a children’s party entertainer, balloons and decorations or help to organise a picnic.

Other services include obtaining quotes for venues and entertainment, organising childcare or finding transport for your special event.

Organising Your Travel

Get in touch if you require help with organising your short break or your family holiday. Deals can be found for you as well as transport, activities, hotels and restaurants.

Childcare and Nannies 

If you’re looking for short term or long-term childcare, then Serenity Lifestyle Concierge can help you find the right person for you.

It could be for your newborn, childcare for before and after school or a babysitter for a night out.

As well as childcare, you can request assistance with your family management, such as grocery ordering or meal planning.


 About Victoria


You offer a wide range of services. Have you always enjoyed helping others?

I have always enjoyed helping others. Working within private households for over 20 years as a Nanny you become very organised, adaptable, used to multi-tasking and working under pressure – a fractious baby, a 5 year old’s homework to complete, laundry to hang out and tea to prepare all within the hour before the parents come home from a busy day at the office!!!

I take pleasure in my role helping others get organised and stay that way!

What are the main benefits of hiring your services?

Using my service takes the pressure off. People can feel overwhelmed by the tasks they know they need to complete and don’t know when they are going to fit it all in. Small business admin tasks that eat into evening and weekends, panicking that you don’t have all the new school uniform ordered or have people coming to stay and need to organise a food shop to magically appear.  By outsourcing to me you can free up your time for other things.

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest”   Peter Drucker

As people lead busy lives, do you feel there is a greater need for the services you offer?

With busy lives, people are definitely in greater need of a helping hand, especially by using a service that they do not need to sign up for and can be accessed on an Adhoc basis.

Many people don’t realise that services like mine exist and when they discover it, they are amazed!

They may also believe that it is a service that would be out of their budget but, you can book as little or as much time as you need with various packages on offer that bring the cost down dramatically.