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Rachael Emily Pilates

Rachael Capper is a local Pilates teacher in Maidenhead and teaches for a wide range. This includes Pilates for beginners, those with past injuries or prenatal and postnatal Pilates.

Sessions are mainly one-to-one where Rachael can offer coaching and a mixture of Pilates and meditation. This allows her to focus on each client and their individual specific needs.

This may be to focus on strength, health or reach a personal goal.

Rachael also holds a Wednesday evening movement and meditation class.

The class is all about breath work, gentle movement and guided meditation.

Currently classes are held solely online. But when face to face sessions resume, then classes will be a mixture of online and in person. The face to face sessions will be held at her home studio in Maidenhead.  

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Rachael Emily Pilates Class Maidenhead

Meditation and Pranayama

Rachael teaches Pranayama which is the practice of breath work and movement. It is designed to help with mindfulness and relaxation.

These classes do not require any equipment and are suitable for any age and any level.

Meditation is included in the session which may be of benefit to clients. For example, it could improve the quality of sleep, reduce stress and anxiety or improve energy levels.

The evening classes are a way to help clients unwind from the day.

Contact Rachael to find out more about the benefits of her classes and how to join.

About Rachael

How long have you been a Pilates teacher?

I have been teaching for over a year now and absolutely love it. It feels like my calling. I love being able to help people no matter where they are at with their bodies – be it pregnant, postnatal, injured, hypermobile, desk workers, super strong, wanting to be super strong, needing a stronger core… the list goes on! Pilates is inclusive – it’s for everyone. 

What different classes do you do?

predominantly teach one-to-ones in Pilates and teach a wide range of clients, from pre and postnatal, to working with those who are injured and rehabbing, as well as those who need to build up strength and body awareness and those that are looking to develop and challenge themselves.

I teach a Movement & Meditation class every Wednesday evening at 6.15pm. We start with some gentle movement, lengthening and opening of the body, followed by pranayama (breath work) and we end with a beautiful guided meditation. 
I work one-to-one with some clients who want to do a mixture of Pilates and meditation. I also do mentoring/coaching work with those working through something specific in their life.

Will you be offering face to face classes when current restrictions are lifted? And if so where do you hold them?

Yes very much so! I will keep teaching online for those that suits and then teaching face to face at my home where I have a studio. 

What are the benefits of meditation?

There are too many to mention – but the top 5 are: 

1) Better sleep, 
2) Relief from anxiety, 
3) Reduction in stress levels,
4) Increased energy levels & better mood 
5) It allows your body to heal. 
A calmer mind equals a calmer body – which allows the body to get on with its task of keeping you healthy, instead of diverting everything to deal with stress/anger/upset in fight or flight mode. Meditation helps you to be more present in life and deal with stressors and unexpected events in a calmer, more rational way. You learn to let go of what you can’t control and focus on what you can. 

Are your classes suitable for beginners?

Movement and Meditation is every Wednesday evening at 6.15pm and is suitable for all ages and levels. 

Pilates is suitable for everyone, including complete beginners!