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Press Play

Photography and Aerial Drone Videography Maidenhead

 Press Play is a creative visuals company based in Maidenhead, offering quality videography and photography services anywhere in the UK and abroad. This also includes aerial videography and photography.

Founded in 2014 by videographer Derek and photographer Debbie, they decided to move their business online.

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Press Play are an award winning duo who will work alongside you to tell your story. It may be a business, service or product. Press Play can film or photograph your corporate event, wedding or family occasion and offer commercial or property marketing services.

Press Play Aerial Drone Photography and Video

As licensed CAA drone operators, they have the experience and technology to deliver stunning aerial views and footage. Ideal to showcase properties, hotels, stately homes and more. Video is a powerful marketing tool, and it is combined with professional photography.

Press Play has worked with many local estate agents and leading property developers.

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Brand Photos

Other services include advertisements for your business or charity, or filming corporate events and training. They can help you to get your story across, however small your business.


Professional Photographer

If you are looking for a family or wedding photographer, then take a look at their portfolio on their website.

You may want to head out on location or be in the comfort of your own home. All lighting and equipment is provided so you can have a mini studio setup.

Visit the website and social media pages for more information.

Debbie Says


How important is video marketing for businesses?

VERY! YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google. Videos aren’t just great for engagement, they can also improve your SEO and ultimately, website rankings. Videos are powerful storytellers and every business should be including video in their marketing mix to tell their business story.


Is video becoming more popular than blogs?

I wouldn’t go as far as saying more popular – some people prefer video, some people prefer to read! Both blogs and videos are VERY important for your business. We are, of course just a little biased…

We all know that a picture paints a thousand words, a video is worth about 1.8 million words in a 1 minute video (that’s about 3,600 pages of text!) You can get your message across in light, colour and action on a video. That being said, it’s important to get the tone and length right.  92% of consumers watch videos with their sound turned off, so captions are really important to get your message across. 68% of people will watch a business video all the way through if it’s under 1 minute. Consumers LOVE video, but you’ve got to make it good and keep it short!

Do you feel that some people shy away from video as they believe they have to be in front of the camera? Do you find creative ways to produce video for those who are camera shy?

Oh very definitely! There aren’t many people who confidently stand up in front of a camera and present with impact! I would say very few in fact! We are well aware of this fact and help ‘coach’ our clients in front of the camera. People buy from people, and even if you just introduce yourself to camera and the rest of the script is used as a voice over, you can still show what your business is all about, without being a deer in the headlights!