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Munro Careers

Career Coach Buckinghamshire 

Munro Careers was founded by accredited Coach and Facilitator, Karen Munro. Karen had a successful career in the corporate world, and later moved on to establish her own Career Counselling and Coaching practice in 2010.

Specialising in career development, transition and change, Karen offers coaching and workshops for both men and women. This includes identifying your brand, selling yourself, help to create a strong CV and a clear LinkedIn profile. She can also Coach you to excel at interviews, supporting you with techniques and strategies so you are well prepared.

Karen also delivers training workshops to Military Service Leavers to enable them to use their transferable skills to seek new employment.

Contact Details

07507 555136


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Career Coaching

Munro Careers offers personal Career Coaching for those needing support and confidence to move forward in their careers.

You may want to climb the ladder in your current company, change roles completely, or you may be returning to work after a break. You may even be facing redundancy and are unsure of what to do next.

Whether you feel it’s too late to make a change or you want to feel valued in a job you enjoy you can arrange a free thirty minute Career Conversation to find out how Karen can help.

She will work with you to focus on the areas where you need guidance. You’ll look at your options, set realistic and achievable goals and identify your skillset. 

Outplacement Support

As an accredited Coach and Facilitator, Karen also works with organisations who want to invest in and develop their internal teams. She also offers one to one and group support for those who may be facing redundancy, departmental changes or TUPE transfers. 

This ranges from group workshops, one to one support, CV writing and interview techniques.

Visit her website or social media pages for more information.

About Karen

What made you decide to become a career coach?

Great question. I was working at the BBC in HR and due to family commitments didn’t want to study for a professional HR career and was offered some in house Career Coaching to help me decide on my options.

I’d never heard of Career Coaching before and found it so powerful in enabling me to recognise how well my skills, strengths and experience transitioned in to Recruitment. Once I secured a job in BBC Recruitment, I signed up for some Career Coaching training and absolutely loved it. Being able to use the experience I already had to Coach people who were at risk of redundancy played to all my strengths. I adored watching how it helped to transform people’s careers and the positive impact it had on their lives.

In 2010, after a 20 year career at the BBC, I took Voluntary Redundancy in order to set up my own Career Coaching Practice. Within just a few months my Coaching career and further studies were underway and Munro Careers was born.

Have you always enjoyed helping other people?

Yes, absolutely. Though I had no idea of what I wanted to do when I left school, I tended to float from one job to another without much focus. However, looking back over all the jobs I did (I did do quite a lot before my BBC career!), they were all service and people related.

A Career Coach could have enabled me to see how my values, skills and strengths aligned to my career choices back then (but Coaching wasn’t a thing then!)

Do you also coach clients who want to start their own businesses?

Whilst I focus primarily on Career Coaching, as a highly qualified and experienced Coach, I am able to coach clients on whatever is helpful for them. Coaching is all about partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.

However, there are Business Coaches out there who specialise in support clients to set up their own businesses and can offer loads of practical
business start-up advice.

What are the most common reasons why clients struggle to move forward with their careers?

Fear is a major factor in holding clients back from making change happen. Trying to make significant change, in your own mind is incredibly hard. We are not objective with our own thoughts and neither are our friends, family or colleagues as they are all invested in us and have opinions about what’s right, wrong or not possible. Whereas a Coach sees everything through a completely different lens and creates a safe space for reflective thinking, accountability and empowers the client to make progress in small steps.