Mix in Spirit Bespoke Cocktail Delivery

Mix in Spirit

Fresh Cocktails Delivered in Berks and Bucks

Mix in Spirit are a Berkshire based company and offer delivery on fresh cocktails every weekend.

Founded by experienced Mixologist Ammar, Mix in Spirit offer a wide range of bespoke cocktails for you to choose from.

Ammar has worked in some of the country’s top rated cocktail bars and has a passion to create new and exciting recipes.

By browsing the menu, you can simply place your order and have the party come to you. Perfect for when ‘staying in is the new going out’, or for a special occasion. It could be a private event or party or even for a wedding.

Get in touch if you have a specific requirement. 

Mix In Sprit Bespoke Cocktails Delivered

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Mixin Spirit cocktails straight to your door

Straight to your door

Cocktails are made to order, so they are freshly mixed and delivered to your home on the same day. You’ll need to order in advance and state if you would like a delivery on a specific day.

All cocktails are unique, with a list of ingredients so you can choose from your favourite flavours. Whether you like a refreshing take on a strawberry daiquiri or a twist on an espresso martini, there will be a cocktail for you.

If you are off the alcohol of course, you can still join in with a special Mocktail.

 How to Order

Visit the Mix in Spirit website or Instagram page to select your cocktails. Then order via WhatsApp or Instagram Direct Message.

If you have any queries then fill out the contact form on the website.

You can also receive 10% off your next order for the return of your empty bottles.

About Mix in Spirit


What areas will you be delivering your cocktails to?

Berkshire and Bucks to start off with. With nationwide delivery on the agenda.

With the current restrictions, have you found that more people are finding new ideas to entertain at home?

We have found that people have been missing those crisp cocktail-bar quality drinks while restrictions have been in place. People are finding more innovative ways of socialising at home. People miss the bar experience and therefore bringing the bar to the people, is our clear goal.

When restrictions are lifted, will you offer your services to events and socials?

Absolutely. Cocktail boxes for work socials, BBQs and parties are on the agenda as well as home bartending services which would include creating cocktails menus for special events i.e. weddings, birthdays etc. 

What are the most popular types of cocktails?

Espresso martinis and Daiquiris are always popular. We have made my own unique twists of these for the opening menu and hope that the new & vibrant flavours will have people returning for more. My homemade popcorn syrup for the espresso martini is my favourite and shows off the unique twist that can be brought to a once, standard cocktail. 

Do you have any of your own recipes?

All my drinks are my own recipes. Ammar has been designing unique bespoke cocktail menus for Manchester city centre bars for over 6 years.


Do you make Mocktails as well?

Yes the first mocktail on our menu is a “Virgin Pornstar Martini”. Homemade mango and passionfruit puree mixed with vanilla, pineapple, fresh lime juice and peach bitters for a tropical twist on a modern classic.

Just because a cocktail does not contain alcohol, does not mean that it should decrease in flavour. We make sure even our mocktails have that ever lasting flavour sensation.