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MindFill is a family-run business based in Berkshire. They offer unique sustainable gift hampers that inspire positive wellbeing through mindful gifting, whilst leaving a better cleaner world for our children. 

MindFill believe that making time for self-care, mental wellness and the healing power of being at one with nature is not a luxury, but a necessity. Their online shop has a wide range of carefully curated hampers that helps encourage escapes to the outdoors, reduce anxiety with a calming activity and to step away from distractions and gadgets. And be more present.

With a mission to protect the planet, each gift is aimed to minimise waste and have purpose. MindFill work with carefully selected small brands and artisans based in the UK to reduce their carbon footprint and support local businesses and heritage crafts. Every gift is free of single use plastics and is packaged in fully sustainable, recyclable hamper boxes. 

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Gifts to Inspire

You can shop the collections which include home and garden, wellness, pets, him, her, baby and kids. From family foraging, wild swimming, nature and bee conservation and sustainable homewares to self-care and mindfulness journals, men’s mental wellbeing boxes and positivity boxes for young minds, there is something for everyone. 

And for a truly personalised gift, create your own MindFill Hamper box from their full range of sustainable gifts with a few clicks. 

Your box will be beautifully packaged, hand tied with ribbon, finished with your message handwritten on MindFill cards and posted to your chosen destination.



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 Bespoke Corporate Gifting Service

MindFill also have extensive experience of fully bespoke corporate gifting services with co-branding opportunities available.

From one-off gifting and thank you’s to employee or client onboarding, a specific company event or a regular programme of wellness gifting, MindFill offer a complete solution.    

They offer an end-to-end service, from an initial consultation to shipping and tracking.

Find out more by visiting their online store to arrange a corporate gifting consultation.

About MindFill

How long have you been running MindFill?


Lockdown was the catalyst of change for us as a family. We welcomed our son during lockdown in April 2020, and with time to think, albeit whilst sleep deprived, we decided to pursue our dreams and launch MindFill, which had been in planning mode for some years. And after a few short months we were nominated for a Best New Business in Berkshire award and won Runners Up in less than 6 months of opening which was just amazing.


What makes MindFill different to other gift shops?


Launching during a global pandemic at first glance seems a silly idea. However for us, it was the perfect time to do so. With changes in shopping behaviour from support small and local, to an increasing appreciation for nature and the environment, to a shift to online shopping, MindFill fitted in perfectly. Our business supports over 40 UK based artisans and small brands. And by building small and local into our sustainability ethos, we reduce our carbon footprint, offer unique finds often made with fabrics headed to landfill, and can curate gift hampers that are literally don’t cost the earth. We don’t try to be, we ARE 100% free of single use plastics across all products and packaging so you can shop with confidence. We only use water based eco inks and recycled, compostable packaging throughout our collection. Our customers can shop by their values, whether that’s recycled, handmade, vegan, organic, compostable and recyclable, we have a wide range of products throughout every collection to make sustainable gifting easy!

As part of our collections, our self-care hampers for men, women and teenagers have been amongst our bestsellers during the pandemic driven by the levels of uncertainty that has driven mental health amongst all age groups to breaking point. Our men’s headspace box and kids’ positive box have helped so many people get through the strains of lockdown on our mental wellbeing and helped bring positive hopes to young shoulders and an outlet to express their emotions.

We also curated ranges that encourage us to connect to nature. At times, a daily walk was the highlight of the day, but after months of repetition, it became cumbersome. We diversified our range to include mindful connections to nature such as our Forest bathing, wild swimming, the power of breathwork, and wild food foraging sets to spark a light of optimism and try something new, whilst being at one with our surroundings.

We offer over 60 curated hampers across our home and garden collection, parent and baby, kids and teenager collections and a great selection for him, for her and even for the dog! Or cat!


You are passionate about conscious living and sustainable products. Have you always been keen to protect our planet?


As a couple we had always been sustainable and environmentally minded. And as our family have grown, we continue to educate and free our home of single use plastics, opting for wooden and sustainable alternatives.  If we educate our children from a young age as to the environmental issues that we can change, they can bring change as they are the future. Our driving factor is to make the world a better cleaner place for our children and that is what inspires us to live consciously, really thinking about what we buy and where it is from. From our energy supplier, to our loo roll and our home refill hub, to rescuing wonky fruit and having our eggs delivered locally with 0 carbon emissions, we love to support small businesses who share our values.


Do you feel that there is more awareness now about sustainable living and zero waste?


There is no doubt that there has been a positive trend and that people have started to realise the negative impact their choices can have on the environment. Climate change, deforestation and extinction are the biggest headlines of our time. Greta has influenced our children and inspired them to look up to a new, positive, role model. David Attenborough has exposed us to the result of our actions through devastating pictures and facts that are hard to just forget! Regardless of age, sustainable living has become part of life. And just by doing a little, together, we are doing a lot to make positive changes. With this in mind, our gift hampers are always curated with purpose in mind. All too often we receive a gift that is unused and covered in plastic. We thoughtfully curate each and every box to ensure it has purpose, it contributed to positive wellness and above all, leaves no trace on our planet.

We love seeing new products come to market and discovering small artisans that we can support and feature in our hampers.