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Maidenhead Business Networking

Face2Face Maidenhead Business Networking

After our fourth successful Maidenhead Business Netwalk, myself and LinkedIn trainer Bettina Siddiqi will be running regular Maidenhead Business Netwalking and I will be running regular Face2Face Maidenhead Networking events at local venues with guest speakers for small business owners.

We began netwalking sessions that were informal and relaxed – and a great way to connect with others. These netwalking sessions started at the Thicket, off the Henley Road (at the start of the ‘butterfly trail’) where there is a small free carpark.

The walk took us over the footbridge (over the A404) to the Thicket, and eventually going to Stubbings garden centre for coffee (and cake!) and continue to network.

Those who didn’t want to do the walk have the option to meet the group there.

We have had a different mix of business owners each time – and we have done this in all weather. Including a heat wave and even snow!


The benefits of networking

Connecting with others is a way to get inspired in your business. This is an opportunity to bounce off ideas, learn and create, get referrals, recommendations and ultimately business. Adding in the walking is good for physical and mental health – and getting creative.

After the popularity of our netwalking events, there will be regular networking events as well as netwalking. Details of upcoming events below.


Would you like to join us?

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It is open to men and women in business, or those who want to connect and be inspired.

Networking events will be held at local venues, with introductions (don’t forget your business cards and flyers), free drink, guest speaker and a chance to mingle with the group. And we will continue to offer netwalking sessions as well.

We look forward to seeing you at the next one!