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Lucy Grimwade

Career Coach

Lucy Grimwade is a career coach based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

With a corporate background, Lucy has been successful in working her way up the ladder. Plus being the only female in a male dominated sector, she knows how tough it is to overcome obstacles to reach your goals.

With achieving senior roles in the IT sector, Lucy believes that it is possible to accomplish your ambitions. By using her own knowledge experience, she became a career coach with a passion to help and support women who also want to dream big.

Career Coaching

Lucy offers coaching to help you with your career development, whether you want to work your way upwards or apply for a brand new role.

She will work with you to overcome any fears or doubts you may have which could be holding you back. Whether you are suffering from ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and feel as though you don’t deserve to be in a higher position, or you just need to know how to win that promotion.

Lucy Grimwade Coach at a conference in front of billboard

Lucy believes it is possible to acheive your ambitions and will offer guidance to get you there. She will help you to focus on your happiness at work so you feel valued in the company, rather than being overlooked and underpaid.

Addressing issues you may face with your career may also help in your everyday life. Lucy will help you to see the knock on effects of being unhappy in your job role, as it can impact you in many ways – from your well-being and relationships to the ability to step on the property ladder.


Building your Confidence

Lucy has developed career coaching programs which will be tailored for you. She will work with you closely to build your resilience and gain confidence to be able to step into that leadership role.

You will have the opportunity to establish and reach your goals with the level of support to suit you.

CV Surgery

As well as one to one career coaching, Lucy also offers a service which looks at your CV. You can have a one to one session to tailor your CV if you have seen a role you want to apply for.

Book a date and time to suit you, and by the end of the session you’ll have your CV and cover letter drafted out.

Lucy also runs monthly group CV surgeries via video call which gives you additional support when job searching.

Lucy Grimwade coach in Red Dress


Not only can you book one to one sessions with Lucy but you can also get involved in the networking groups that are available.

There are regular events that take place which can help you with to meet new people, gain confidence and get referrals. With women from all different levels and career backgrounds, everyone is there to give support, advice and feedback.

Group Support

Lucy also runs a monthly virtual group to give you the right style of coaching for you.  You are able to talk through your thought process and ask questions in a virtual room.

Plus there is a private Facebook group called ‘Own Your Career, Own Your Life’ where you will be given coaching exercises, have monthly calls and you have the opportunity to book in one to ones at a discounted rate.


Podcast Speak female, Lucy Grimwade Coaching


Lucy also has a podcast called ‘Speak Female’. It’s a podcast for ambitious career driven women. There are interviews with awesome females on career, self-care, self discovery and leadership. Plus self -career coaching sessions, leadership language – and why we all need to speak female!

Details of all of the coaching sessions and groups are on the website:

                   Speak Female

About Lucy

What made you decide to go into Coaching?

I became a Career Coach because I wanted to help women, similar to me, to find purpose and leadership in their careers . I am also passionate about people, career progression and personal development.

The funny thing is, there was once a time where my opinion of coaching was slightly unsavoury. Conditioned by others with comments thrown at me, like the shady words of ‘those that can’t do, coach.’ And then there was the unknown mindset of ‘isn’t coaching just people paying other people, to be told what to do?’

How wrong were they!

It wasn’t until I invested in myself, working with a Life Coach that I truly realised, everything I had been told about coaching, was a lie. The coach I worked with, came from a leadership career, in tech (so we already had something in common). She didn’t tell me what to do but asked me the right questions to foster curiosity and critical thinking.

I uncovered so much about myself, that I realised where my ambition and purpose was to help other people. Coaching hasn’t just become a career direction for me. It has also become part of my vocabulary, approach and perhaps even a way of life.

Have you always enjoyed helping other people?

As an ENFJ, Yellow- Red personality type – It is already in my foundation to help others. So, to answer your question, yes, I have always  enjoyed helping others. I have a rule to always be inclusive. It is so important to ask the right questions to find the right answer and I love to help others to amplify their voice, build confidence and cultivate a personal brand.

As someone who has experienced Imposter Syndrome, do you find it’s something quite common among women in business?

Many women and men suffer from Imposter Syndrome in the workplace. I actually wrote a small article about this, where I researched some facts and figures. I end the article with some ways to overcome and combat the feeling of being a fraud.

Are clients able to fit network meetings and workshops around their home and work lives?

My ambition for my business was to always make my services accessible and affordable. With leading sessions and workshops outside of working hours and even lunchtimes. Clients have been able to attend and work around their schedules. I also make sure I don’t take on too many clients at a time, so I can be as adaptable and flexible to suit their needs.

How important do you feel Facebook groups are currently?

Facebook is an amazing enabler, it gives all people (with an introvert or an extrovert) access and opportunities to join groups as well as become part of a community.

I actually own a group called: LEVEL UP IN YOUR CAREER. ⠀
In this community, there are career coaching exercises, monthly calls and opportunities to have discounted a 1-2-1 Career Coaching Sessions with me. As well as all that, the freedom to ask your questions in a safe virtual space.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀