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jo Haley the positive image coach

 Jo Haley

The Positive Image Coach

Jo Haley is an Image Coach and Independent Consultant for Arbonne, and is based in Henley-on-Thames. Her passion is to help midlife women feel healthier, better and fitter therefore increasing their confidence.

As an Image, Beautician and Health and Wellbeing Coach, Jo takes a holistic approach and focuses on how you feel as a whole. This often includes your lifestyle first then, moves onto other areas to include styling, skincare and makeup.

 As an Arbonne Consultant, it is all about empowering people to flourish with sustainable healthy living from the inside out. Jo can recommend skincare and beauty products, as well as a 30 Day RESET gut health program that can transform your lifestyle. Arbonne was established over 40 years ago and is a certified B Corporation, taking care of its community, people and the planet. Arbonne products are vegan, cruelty free, and formulated without gluten.


Contact Details

 07590 512376

Jo Haley Arbonne

Studio Address: Tornado House, Halifax Road, Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe HP12 3SN


Jo Haley Arbonne Consultant

How Jo Can Help

Get in touch with Jo if you need help with looking and feeling healthier and more confident. She can advise you on your image, skincare and makeup routine along with nutritional supplements that will help you glow from the inside out.

Jo also offers Colour Analysis, Style and Body Mapping and a Wardrobe Weeding service. She has a passion for helping ladies with low self-esteem to inspire them to grow their confidence and to feel more positive.

Looking and feeling great on the outside really does start from the inside. It is about connecting your physical and emotional sides together.

About Jo


You have a background in beauty. What made you get involved in Arbonne?

Yes, been involved in Beauty for many years and love it – it was the Arbonne products that made me get involved – to actually see ‘visible results’ on my skin was amazing but beauty is far more then skin – it is about all of you and your lifestyle.


Arbonne not only focuses on beauty products but also nutrition. How important is it to focus on what goes in our bodies as well as what goes on it?

So important. What we eat really does impact our skin, mood, energy levels, sleep, weight and health. Looking good really does start with the inside and your lifestyle – that is where the true impact lies not in just your image. You will never know how great you can feel until you feel it! Having done the transformational journey myself, I completely get it and have learned so much along the way and now love to inspire others to do it too.


Do you offer Arbonne ‘parties’?

No, not parties but personal consultations either in person or on zoom. Everyone has different needs and so I address those and work with individuals on what outcomes they want to achieve.


Jo Haley's Studio