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Holistics Haven Beauty Therapy, Massage in Maidenhead

Holistics Haven Beauty Therapy


Holistics Haven Beauty Therapy is run by Becky Williams based in Cox Green, Maidenhead.

Becky is a qualified Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Holistic Health Practitioner and holds further qualifications in Holistic Facials and is a certified Indian Head Masseuse. She offers
massage treatments using a holistic approach, which addresses the whole body and mind. The focus is not just on your physical wellbeing as it’s also about how you feel emotionally and mentally.

Becky offers a range of treatments which include Indian Head Massage and Luxury Holistic Facials.  She also practises Reflexology and new sessions will be available soon.


Holistics Haven Beauty Therapy Treatment room in Maidenhead


Massages and Facials take place in a tranquil and relaxing treatment room at her home in Cox Green.

Indian Head Massage can be booked as a relaxing one-off treatment, or as part of a course of massage treatments.

She offers Luxury Facials with a Mini Indian Head Massage.

You can also book a Pamper Package which includes a Luxury facial with an Indian Head Massage.


Tailored Beauty Treatments


Becky uses 100% pure aromatherapy oils for her Indian Head Massages and each treatment is tailored for you.

Holistic Haven Beauty Therapy CMA Certificate

She will discuss your requirements or any issues you wish to address. The selected oils are then designed to help with mood, stress, insomnia, and other ailments. You may wish to feel relaxed, more positive or rejuvenated.

Becky can also create a perfume for you from your chosen oil if you would like, which you can use at any time or in between treatments.

All facials are performed using The Body Shop products. They are made from natural, raw ingredients and they are also Fairtrade, organic and are not tested on animals. And this range includes many vegan products.

There are different products to suit each skin type, plus a range of Body Shop face masks. You can book in for further facials and try a new one each time.

Holistics Haven Beauty Therapy Treatment Room

Holistics Haven Beauty Therapy Gift Vouchers


Get in touch with Becky if you would like to purchase a gift voucher for a treatment or a course of treatments.


Look out for special offers and discounts as well on her Facebook page (above).

About Becky

What sorts of treatments do you offer your clients?


I currently only offer:


Indian Head Massage using pure 100% Aromatherapy Oils, the oils used are checked for any reactions and then specially tailored to issues which you are dealing with like Stress, Insomnia, Depression etc. I am also able to create a perfume from these oils to roll on your skin should you like the scent at an extra cost.


A Single Indian Head Massage treatment Is known to be able to have a profound effect to enhance your mood and stimulate Endorphins, Serotonin, Dopamine Hormones!! All have a positive effect on your mental state by increasing pleasure, happiness and an overall feeling of wellbeing.


A Course of Indian Head Massage is shown to have long term health benefits, and can also be used alongside Conventional Medicines to help enhance as in Depression to help lift and maintain a positive Wellbeing.


I also offer Luxury Facials with Mini Indian Head Massage! I follow Basic principles of Holistic Practices with products I use and Tailor these Products to your current skin type as well as helping look after your skin in the long term.


We all know the Benefit of a single facial! Coming away feeling glowing relaxed and uplifted! However, Holistic practice is known to enable myself to get an overall view of your health just by looking at your skin!! Knowing these skills can help me from a one-off appointment, (should you wish to know) how I can help you look after your Skin and Body going forward just by simple suggestions! For example, dull dry skin often means you are dehydrated and need to drink more water on a daily basis!


I also offer a course of this treatment as over time your skin and body needs change!! I can help you not only feel amazing!!! I can leave you feeling better physically and most definitely glowing as you and your skin changes!!


I am currently undertaking a further advanced course in Reflexology. I am currently trained to perform this however will be bringing this exciting and brand-new treatment to really offer my Clients all round head to toe experience very soon!!


Finally do you want the best of both worlds? I offer my Pamper Package! An Indian Head massage with Luxury Facial all rolled into one! It is the only treatment you need to help you feel relaxed, fabulous and ready to take on the world!! Or Sleep the choice is yours!!!!!


Do you travel to your client’s homes for appointments?


Unfortunately, I am unable to offer this service however I have a dedicated beautifully enhanced treatment room in my home offering a relaxing and calming experience that will enhance your senses and help you drift off (Quite a few of my clients do end up dozing off!!!)


Where did your interest in holistic therapy come from?


My passion for Holistic Treatments grew very quickly after I attended a course on Aromatherapy. I was interested to know more! From there I fell in love with all things Holistic!!

Following on from this I went on to gain two qualifications in aromatherapy! My passion was built from there! Running qualifications in Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Holistic Facials and qualifying as a Holistic Health Practitioner!! I decided to take this passion and offer others a moment of the joy that I gain from helping people and giving them a chance for relaxation in a quiet and restful space! These Treatments are also known to help Mental Health Issues when used in conjunction with conventional treatment but can benefit stress and tension.


What are your most popular treatments?


I would say that all of my treatments are as popular as the others! A client comes back try’s another treatment and then they tend to turn into Pamper Package clients however I do get the amazing feedback and returning customers for all my treatments!!