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Gentle Wellbeing

Massage Therapist Maidenhead

Gentle Wellbeing is run by qualified massage therapist Louise Bentley, who offers holistic therapeutic massage from her treatment room at her home in Maidenhead (Blackamoor Lane).

She is fully insured and a member of the APNT (Association of Physical and Natural Therapists).

Louise offers gentle remedial massage or deep tissue (sports) massage, which can help to reduce muscle soreness and help joints to feel more mobile. It can also help to improve posture, alignment and aches and pains.

Louise is also qualified to offer maternity massage, for women who are 12 weeks pregnant and over.

Other benefits of massage can include better circulation, reduced stress levels and a calmer mind.

You can discuss any particular issues you may have, such as tension, hunching or painful areas caused by lifestyle or injury.

Take a look at her updated website (details below) for a list of treatments, prices and discounts.

Contact Details

07900 907764



About Louise and Gentle Wellbeing Massage

What made you decide to go into massage therapy?

qualified in Massage Therapy in 2007 in Australia, I was doing a Naturopathy degree at the same time, I was 4 years into my degree (part time as I was raising my son) when we moved to the UK in 2009 for my husband’s work. I found it difficult to find massage clients when I first arrived, so I found other work. I’ve been running my own pet care business for the last 6 years, and decided I want to go back to Massage. I love the gentle healing qualities of massage, not only does it work on the physical body, but many clients have emotional breakthroughs during their treatments, and mentally they get to switch off for the hour they spend on my table. 

What kinds of treatments do you offer?

At the moment I offer Remedial Therapeutic Massages, a gentle, holistic massage, different for each person at each appointment. I also offer deep tissue massages, for those who have tight sore muscles and need them worked on. Over the next 6 months I’ll be undertaking workshops, learning new treatments such as Reiki, Hot Stone Massage, and Oncology Massage.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

I do offer gift vouchers. I also have a loyalty card scheme, have 5 massages, get the 6th half price.