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Gabriella McMahon is a qualified yoga and meditation instructor and member of the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMPSA).

Based in Bourne End, Gabriella has been teaching yoga since 2014 and opened her own business two years later.

With a passion for fitness and yoga, she switched from a busy corporate career to setting up her home based yoga studio, doing what she loves.


The G.M Yoga Studio is situated in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, where Gabriella can teach small groups in a relaxed and friendly environment. There are no more than eight people in a class which means more time is given to each person, and there is more space for everyone to practice without being on top of each other.

There is free parking at the studio, and classes must be pre booked.

With current restrictions, the numbers are limited to five in a class. This is combined with live streaming via Zoom.

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G.M YOGA Studio, Boutique studio in bourne end

Gabriella teaches a range of Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative yoga to suit you and your
ability. Classes are fun and relaxed, focussing on breath (pranayama) and posture (asana). Everything is demonstrated and can be modified if needs be.

Slow Hatha Flow yoga is suitable for all levels and abilities. You will be introduced to postures,breathing and an element of flow – so it’s ideal for beginners.

Hatha Vinyasa is faster flowing, generally moving from one posture to another with no stopping. It’s more suited to students who have practiced Yoga before and who like a more physically demanding class.

Gentle Mindful Hatha is a slow paced class. Both Yoga and mindfulness aim to quiet the mind, in order to cultivate a deeper connection to and understanding of the self. They both teach you to tune into your breath, pay attention to bodily sensations, and learn to accept reality as it is in that moment. It is low impact and ideal if you are recovering from illness/injury, are pregnant or seniors seeking slow and mindful practice .

Other Classes and Information

In addition, there will be a Friday Slow Hatha class at Hambleden village hall, starting from 23rd July 2021, which is close to Henley on Thames. There is a pay and display car park and classes must be pre booked.

G.M Yoga also offers private classes for one to ones, or small groups of up to four people. Plus corporate yoga which can be held at lunchtimes.

Equipment can be provided such as mats, blocks and cushions.

If on demand classes from home suit you better, then there are a range of classes available online that you can rent for one week.

Visit the website and social media pages for more information about classes and timetables. Plus information about workshops, courses and retreats.



About Gabriella

What made you decide to teach yoga as a profession?

have always been into my fitness from a young age, and after working for many years in a stressful job in the City of London, I decided to change my career and train to be a Yoga Instructor.  I thought what better way could there be to earn a living than from doing something you love, and enjoy. You only live once so do what makes you happy.

You offer a variety of classes. Do you teach pre or postnatal yoga as well?

I don’t have a specific post or prenatal class at the studio, although I am qualified to teach pre and post-natal Yoga, and I do adapt my regular classes specifically for pregnant ladies who wish to attend, which seems to work well.

If someone is new to yoga, what can they expect?

For clients who are completely new to Yoga, I do offer ad-hoc workshops in Yoga for Beginners, and have a Beginners class in my On-Demand series which is accessible via my website On-Demand Page.

Some people take to Yoga quicker than others, therefore, I would suggest that beginners join a slower paced class to begin with until they have an understanding of how Yoga works – before joining a more demanding class such as a Vinyasa class.

Adaptations and modifications are offered in all classes, as what suits one person’s body may not suit another.  New students will learn how to use the props, they will learn about alignment and yogic breathwork, the importance of relaxation in Yoga to calm the mind, including all the key elements of practicing Yoga, and all the basic regularly used postures (asanas). It is good for newbies to bear in mind that sometimes when they first start practicing Yoga, they may feel a bit lost in their practice initially – this is normal when starting anything new. 

I always try to reassure new students not to worry, and do what they can, and to remember every master was once a beginner.  It takes the majority of people at least five to ten classes (some people it will take longer) to be able to start to go with the flow, and to establish what type of Yoga class is their preference (i.e. slow and gentle, or more physically demanding and sweaty). 

Forget about how strong or flexible you are, and work with your body’s ability – you will benefit from trying your best, and not pushing yourself too hard.  If you see other participants seemingly finding everything really easy – remember they too were beginners once, and will have been practicing longer than you.  I will always help and assist all clients along the way.  Yoga is not competitive, so if you need a rest please take one – I always encourage participants to listen to their body, be in the moment, and work with their body regardless how deep they are able to go into the posture.  Enjoy the journey and breathe through it. Postures (asanas) in a typical Hatha class are generally held between 5 to 10 breaths.

A common concern is that people think they have to be flexible or super strong to do Yoga. This is not the case. 

You become flexible and strong through regular practice.  If you have a body, you can do Yoga.  Remember that every marathon runner has to be able to run around the block, then 5k, and build slowly to do a marathon.  This approach applies to any activity including Yoga.