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Francesca Cairns Image Consultant Maidenhead

Francesca Cairns

Image Consultant Maidenhead

Francesca Cairns is an award winning personal stylist and image consultant from Maidenhead, Berkshire. She has been an image consultant since 2017, and is a fashion blogger – working with a number of online retailers.

Francesca studied hair and beauty before going into fashion and setting up her consultancy business. With a passion for style and making women feel comfortable in their own skin, Francesca offers a number of services. These include face to face consultations as well as online, where clients can be from anywhere in the world.

You will receive the same level of service from your online consultation as you would in person.

Francesca offers colour consultation, which includes a colour analysis to find the best colours to suit you. By uncovering your best colours, you’ll look and feel brighter and more confident in any situation.

For a more in depth analysis, you can also go through your colour pallet for you to learn about your colours and what works for your features.

Francesca Cairns, Transformation Package

Transformation Package

The Transformation Package is about helping you to make the right changes to transform how you look and feel.

Francesca will go through the colours that suit you and look at a number of small things that can make a big difference. These include your body shape, your personality, your makeup colours and a hair analysis.

She will create a personal report which will enable you to know how to dress for any occasion. That includes going to work or going to the supermarket.

By using colour and style and combining it with your style personality, you will feel excited about getting dressed every day.


Other Services

Francesca can assist you with personal shopping, which can take away any stress or frustration women may have.

She will go through styles and colours that suit you and your budget. She will look at what will flatter you, your body shape and tones and give you practical advice.

You can also style your existing wardrobe, with a wardrobe detox. By going through pieces you own and putting them all together, you can organise your outfits for all occasions.

Image consultant maidenhead client testimonial


As well as looking at your wardrobe, you can also book a makeup lesson. You can go through tips and tricks to brighten up your face, for a daytime or evening time look.

Francesca is level 3 Beauty Therapy trained and can teach you how to apply your makeup.



With a minimum of three friends, you can book a colour party. This is made fun and interactive with a personalised colour swatch, and wearing the right colours for you.

Parties can be for any occasion, such as birthdays or baby showers and even children’s parties.

If you prefer to have a makeup party, then four of you can enjoy an afternoon or evening with a glass of wine and a makeup lesson.


For more information, visit her image consultant website and social media pages.



 07826 441697


About Francesca

How long have you been an Image Consultant?

I have been in the fashion/hair and beauty industry for over 10 years (I have been a Image Consultant for 4 years).

Do you think the media puts pressure on women to look and dress in a certain way?

Yes definitely! Everything is edited on social media these days that women think it’s normal to look and dress a certain way all the time when that’s not reality.

Something I usually get told is ‘I wish I was as confident as you’

The truth is. I spent YEARS not loving myself and looking in the mirror and wishing I was someone else all because of social media when I was younger.

It was only until I used clothes as my armour that I took control and reinvented myself.

Clothes can really boost your mood when wearing colours you love and embracing your shape and loving the skin you’re in.

Have you always enjoyed working with other people?

Yes! I am a massive people person and I love connecting with ladies all over the world.

You also offer Zoom Style Parties, which is great for social distancing. Have these been popular?

Yes, very popular! My most popular package is my Transformation package as it is the head to toe service (I also offer these as group sessions).






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