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Shelley Mason Feet db First mobile reflexologist sitting in garden

FeetdbFirst Reflexology

 Reflexology in Maidenhead Berkshire

Shelley Mason, founder of FeetdbFirst is a certified reflexologist based in Maidenhead, Berks. Shelley offers a mobile reflexology service where she will travel to your home or workplace.

And treatments are now also available at Shelley’s ‘Create Breathing Room’ in Maidenhead. You can book a treatment to suit your needs, whether it is a full holistic treatment or a shorter taster.

Shelley is an experienced reflexologist and can offer reflexology for the hands and face as well as feet. This non invasive therapy is aimed to calm and relax your body and mind.


Contact Details

 07904 041858


FeetdbFirst Footmap with labelled pressure points on the feet to the organs and glands

Reflexology can give you a sense of wellbeing or make you feel energised. With benefits including improved sleep, better circulation and a reduction of stress levels, you can have a consultation and discuss the type of reflexology treatment you would like.


FeetdbFirst Reflexology Treatments and Gift Vouchers

Shelley offers a mobile reflexology service in and around Maidenhead. She covers the Bucks and Berks area.

You can book yourself in for a treatment or purchase a personalised gift voucher for someone. Have a look at the FeetdbFirst website for special offers and treatment options.

Types of Reflexology

 Your treatment will be tailored for you.  As well as different types of Reflexology for Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage and Mindful Reflexology, Aromareflex Aromatherapy blends can be made especially for you on request too.

You can also opt for a zone face lift, which is a luxurious facial rejuvenation plan.

FeetdbFirst are partnered with Tree-Nation, as the business is carbon neutral. The energy used is renewable and all products are organic where possible. Every treatment you have will contribute to the planting of new trees on the planet.

About Shelley

What attracted you to reflexology?

I had read about it and been intrigued by it but had never tried it for myself until I was heavily pregnant, suffering with Odema and feeling really uncomfortable with my first pregnancy. I had no pre-conceptions and didn’t really know what to expect other than I would be taking my socks off, having my feet massaged and I would be reclined. What I received however was far more than a simple relaxation session.  My swollen ankles went down and stayed down for 48hrs!  I was astonished.  I slept better that night than I had in months and the points the reflexologist gave me to aid my labour preparation actually made my baby kick and move every time my husband used them on me as instructed. 

From that point, I knew that I needed to find out more about this Complementary Therapy. That there was more to it, than Relaxation and placebo effect alone. I didn’t know why it worked, I just knew that it worked for me. This was the beginning of my journey 15 years ago to ultimately becoming the Reflexologist that I am today.  From hobby during my Corporate life into becoming the fully trained Professional Reflexologist that I am today.


What kinds of benefits can reflexology have on someone?

We are all so individual and our needs so different, it is difficult to pin down exactly what benefits Reflexology would bring you personally.  I always say the best way to find out is to give it a try for yourself and find out.  The benefits vary from client to client, that is what makes this therapy so exciting for me. 

I currently use it myself to feel more comfortable through peri-menopause and it has definitely also helped my clients too based on their feedback. Talking to my clients, the gift of relaxation is probably highest on the list of benefits as you would expect.  A feeling of calm and an opportunity to escape from life’s stresses is another.  Many of my clients actually fall asleep in my chair because they feel so safe, comfortable and at peace.  The majority all report back that they had better quality sleep that evening and for some, this lasts even longer especially if they have Reflexology regularly.  Those with low mood feel uplifted. Tension can feel relieved with a reduced perception of pain.  Overall as a holistic therapy, it can aid you to bring about an improved balance and help to restore your overall sense of wellbeing. 


How regularly should someone have reflexology to gain the full benefits?

Most people will experience some benefits after just one treatment but best results are achieved from regular reflexology sessions, the frequency of which will vary from person to person. It is possible to maintain the benefits over a longer period of time with maintenance.

I do a full consultation with you and will put together an optimal treatment plan for you to suit your needs. I treat you not an ailment or disease. Reflexology is not a cure but it can help and works in complement with traditional medical care.  Anything that can reduce your stress and improve your sleep without side effects has to be a good thing. I do foot, hand and facial reflexology including zone facelift treatments.  So where optimal results are best achieved over time, it is possible to book in a series of Reflexology Treatments if you wish at a discounted rate with the option of maintenance sessions whenever you need them.  I always give my clients self-care treatment options for self-application between bookings as well so there are always options for all budgets and how much time you have to spare and can dedicate to your self-care.


What forms of reflexology do you offer and do you recommend combining them with other complementary therapies?

I offer and can apply several forms of reflexology to suit your needs.  Reflexology is safe to combine with most other complementary therapies and conventional care with very few exceptions that get covered during a full consultation.  I am happy to work with any care team you wish but due to client confidentiality, I can’t approach them directly for you.  I always recommend and it is good practice to inform your GP or care team if you are still undergoing treatment when you book in for some Reflexology.  It may be that I recommend you complete that treatment first before starting your Reflexology but if safe to do both it can help encourage you to be in the optimal state to respond as well as you can to medication, talking therapies and other forms of medical intervention.

It is always best to ask, to set your mind at rest if you have any specific concerns.


The most requested forms of my treatments include:

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD). This stimulates the lymphatic reflexes on the feet, aiming to cause an effect on the lymphatic system.  This is a popular, calming, restful light treatment option.

Mindful Reflexology that is recommended specifically to support stress, anxiety & mild depression or as part of a balanced self-care package.  Especially good for restoring a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Aromareflex, that combines the benefits of Reflexology with the therapeutic properties of essential oils.  An Aromareflex blend, tailored to your needs is applied during your treatment, that you can keep to use for yourself.