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Evie Nutrition

Nutritionist and Gut Health Specialist

Evie Whitehead is a nutritional therapist and gut specialist. She offers a wide range of services to help you in the right direction with your nutrition and well being.

Evie is based in Buckinghamshire and offers consultations to help with a healthier lifestyle and weight loss. She also runs weight loss programs where you have additional support in an online group. In this tried and tested plan, Evie has successfully transformed many people’s lives in the way of weight loss and general health. By looking at natural solutions and a wide range of tools to assess each individual, issues such as weight gain, hormone imbalance and digestive health can be resolved.

Evie Nutrition Gut Specialist

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Nutritional Therapy and Gut Health

Evie Nutrition delivers group workshops and organises events to engage others and teach them about gut health and good nutrition. These are done online where you can book on to a selected course. These range from your sleeping habits to the menopause.

As well as online events, Evie offers talks and demonstrations within the workplace to support staff with their health and energy levels. From doing this, she has received positive feedback from staff and management. Evie also runs talks  at yoga retreats and health centres. This flexible approach in coaching others allows you to be able to learn about the right foods for you and how to improve your nutritional lifestyle either face to face or online. Plus you can choose to have groups sessions or one to one’s.

You can also book a retreat to get away from it all. Available retreats in the UK and abroad allow you to relax and unwind whilst having nutritional therapy on hand. You can enjoy the sun, yoga and healthy living in stunning surroundings.

Take a look at the Evie Nutrition website for details of workshops, weightloss and retreats. Plus recipes to follow.

About Evie Nutrition


How long have you been a nutritional therapist and have you always been interested in health and wellbeing?

I have been in practice for 6 years now and have loved every minute so far. I have always had a fascination with how the body works at a cellular level and have read Human Biology and Nutrition extensively since my teenage years on anything I could get my hands on. My interest and passion in gut health really took off during my training to become a Nutritional Therapist when I discovered that I had an autoimmune condition. I believe I would never have found out and turned my health around the way I did if I had not taken this path. The children were young at the time I studied for my Diploma and they became a great incentive to learn about good nutrition. 

Have you always enjoyed helping other people?

I have always wanted to help people get better, I don’t mean run faster, jump higher better, I mean I wanted to help people understand what had made them poorly or what was causing their symptoms. Even back at school I remember teachers trying to talk me into becoming a nurse and my Mum and Dad used to call me their little Doctor! 

Do you see a change in your client’s mental health when they follow your programme?

We can’t discuss Mental health without considering nutrition as the food we eat becomes the neurotransmitters and chemical messengers that affect our mood and wellbeing. This is also true when considering gut health and the gut microbiome as I have never seen a case of “IBS’ for example without an element of stress/anxiety being involved. When my Eat Better-Feel Better group complete the 4 week programme, they mostly report improved energy levels, feeling happier and brighter and more in control of their food choices. Weight loss is almost a secondary outcome which is why I called the programme “Eat Better-Feel Better” – it does what it says on the tin! 

What do you enjoy the most in regards to nutrition?

My favourite topic in nutrition is gut health. I specialised in this area because of the success I have had helping many hundreds of clients resolve their gut issues. The more I learnt about the gut, how it works and about the impact the bacteria inside the gut has on our mental and physical health astounded and fascinated me and still does. It led me to create a new point system which I am really proud of called the Good Gut Point System which I talk about in my gut health workshops. The science emerging in this arena is exploding with new finding almost daily and I believe this is an area of health we should all be focusing on improving for longterm health benefits and avoidance of disease.

Do you work with adults and children?

I love working with adults and children alike. I really let my inner child come out when I work with children and have a great time interacting and chatting about their favourite foods and why some foods could help them “have less tummy pain” or “go to the toilet comfortably”. I get them to interact with me using pictures and highlighter pens to make it more visual.  When I work with adults I can share more of the technical nutrition insight and the science behind my recommendations which helps them understand why something could be effective for them to try.

You offer retreats away to compliment your nutritional therapy. Are these popular with clients?

I have had some really wonderful times with clients on retreats and have worked in a number of great locations with some amazing people. I have worked on 4 yoga retreats in Spain, Ibiza, Portugal and France which has been a lovely experience. I like a working holiday; it is really not hardship to be doing a job you love with some incredibly talented yoga teachers and a really engaged group.

Do you have recipes for healthy desserts as part of your programme?

Healthy desserts!! Yes, lets’ talk about that…I am not the food police. I love a bit of chocolate now and then myself and take a realistic approach to all food. I believe food should be interesting, exciting and tasty as well as nourishing. I share lots of healthy dessert ideas, some of them are from the amazing recipe packs available for download from my website. My motto “Boring and uninteresting food is the highway to the snack cupboard!”

What are your most popular programmes?

My regular online nutrition workshops have been really popular. I created these during lockdown to help engage people with their health and help them make better choices through difficult times for a very low cost. I just wanted to help and thought this would be a good way to do that and they took off from there and now have become a regular fixture in my monthly online offerings.