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Cook My Grub

Local Fresh Authentic Food Delivery

Cook My Grub is a digital platform where local chefs and home cooks create authentic dishes to order. The Cook My Grub app is a way to search for fresh home cooked food to be delivered straight to your door.

Initially it was launched in Maidenhead, but it has expanded to the surrounding areas. It’s now also available in Bourne End, Marlow, Slough, Windsor and Reading.

Founders Shabbir Mookhtiar and Dinesh Patil wanted a way to connect independent cooks with foodies, enabling busy people to have access to good food.

Download the Cook My Grub App

Available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, you simply download Cook My Grub. You can also order via their website.

There you can browse some of the area’s most popular chefs, and view the menus. You’ll be able to pick from the available times when you would like your delivery.

Once you have placed your order, you will be able to track when it has been prepared and is on its way.

Dietary Requirements

As each dish is freshly prepared for you, you can make a note for the chef if you have any dietary requirements or food intolerances.

Available Cuisines

There are a variety of cuisines to order from. Such as Indian, Italian, British, African, Continental and Pakinstani.

Some of Maidenhead’s favourite chefs include Mumbai Tadka, Gio’s Kitchen, Punjabi Dhaba and San Diego Kitchen.

Each chef and home cook is fully registered with the council and have completed their food hygiene and allergy awareness training.

Download the app, or visit the website and social media pages. 

Shabbir and Dinesh Say


Since lockdown, do you think there is more of a demand for online food ordering?

With lockdown and the inability to have that restaurant dining experience, customer behaviour has changed a lot. A majority of high street restaurants switched to the online delivery options and it has also led to quite a few big name chains offering meal-kits. There was already a gradual change in customer behaviour with meal plan companies becoming so popular in the recent past. COVID has accelerated this behaviour and this is supercharging the online food ordering businesses.

Do you think people are becoming more conscious of having fresh homemade food now?

There has always been a demand for homemade food. However, it has been a bit of an unorganised market so far. Cook My Grub is essentially doing a digital transformation of this industry and has given aspiring chefs a platform to start their home food business. Our role is that of an enabler to help with branding, marketing, compliance and delivery of fresh homemade food. This makes the home cooked food market more accessible to the general public . Until now, this was restricted to the small bubbles which the chefs operated within.

However, as the awareness around home chefs increases, this is an area which will continue to grow. Due to the nature of their operation, home chefs are able to provide a higher quality and personalised meal based on each customer’s individual preferences. These preferences could be dietary choices like veganism, vegetarianism, halal, gluten-free etc. Also, in a multi-cultural country like the UK, this gives everyone an opportunity to taste ethnic cuisine from a cross section of cultures without leaving the comforts of their home.

How important is it to support our local chefs and food businesses?

This is something which has always been talked about. However, the pandemic and the lockdowns have shown us how important it is to support local. Local chefs have served their communities brilliantly throughout the lockdown and there is now a real sense of wider community which has built up around this. The idea of keeping any profits within the local economy is also encouraging. Each local food business does something unique which tends to get lost with franchised food.