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Bumps to Babes

Prenatal and Postnatal Courses Maidenhead 

Bumps to Babes Maidenhead are yoga classes with a difference. A team of three healthcare experts will guide you through your pregnancy and offer aftercare for you and your baby.

Packages are offered for expectant or new mums. Antenatal classes include pregnancy yoga which are taught by Tara Sutthoff Crist who runs ‘Yoga Time’. Plus hypnobirthing courses with midwife Joanna Williamson who runs ‘Over the Moon Birthing’ and antenatal sessions with doula, reflexologist and retired nursery nurse Louise Prince who runs ‘Mind Body and Bump’.

With Bumps to Babes, Maidenhead, you will have full support throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Then once your baby has arrived, you can join the Yoga Babes classes. You will have the opportunity to join postnatal yoga with other new Mums and enjoy this interactive baby class. Tara is an experienced prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher and will allow you to share tummy time, songs and stories with baby. All to help baby’s development.

 bumps to babes Bumps

Your ‘Bumps’ package from Bumps to Babes includes pregnancy yoga throughout your trimesters. As your body changes at every stage, Tara can teach you how to cope with the extra weight and prepare for labour.

Q&A’s from experts Louise and Joanna beforehand adds more value to your session. You can have tailored antenatal sessions and an option to take hypnobirthing courses with Over the Moon Birthing, even if you have already attended other classes. You can have a more personal and specialised experience. Plus be a part of the pregnancy Whatsapp group for support and advice throughout.

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Once you have your baby (or babies), the support continues. You can choose the level of post natal support that you wish, a baby massage course and pelvis and posture yoga for mum and baby.

You will be taught tips to calm your baby, how to manage gripes and postnatal exercises as part of the yoga sessions. Plus much more.

As a new Mum you will be able to meet other new mums (and Dads) and you can join the postnatal Whatsapp group. This will give you the chance to share feelings and information with others and have that peace of mind that you are not alone.

Once a month you are invited to afternoon tea in a spacious environment in Maidenhead. This unique Mother and Baby group gives you the opportunity to talk about health and well being of you and your baby with Louise and ask any questions you might have. As well as this, you will make new friends and feel welcomed by all.

Check the website for all the details. Plus information on the breast feeding cafe, baby winding consultations, reflexology, massage and much more.


HOWEVER VISIT:  For reflexology, pregnancy and baby massage therapy appointments and birth prep. From Louise Prince. For hypobirthing advice and courses from midwife, Joanna Williamson.

And for pre and postnatal yoga, Visit the YouTube channel, from Tara Crist Yoga Time:


What the experts say

Tara:  “The most important part about this yoga is to get you out of fight or flight and adrenaline. And to get you into a mindset of relaxation, being able to cope and dealing with surges of painful contractions.

We do a lot of moves on the ball and to work with your pelvis to allow it to open up. Also for your posture so your head is over your pelvis as when you’ve got a bump the last thing you need is to be hunching forward. So posture is incredibly important.

We work with a variety of moves that you can use at any stage of your pregnancy and the labour.”

Louise: “My mission is to use my skills in massage, reflexology and knowledge to boost your prenatal well being, ease aches and discomfort, reduce swelling, headaches and pregnancy complaints.

I have experience turning breech and back to back babies into the optimal fetal position.

I will give you knowledge you won’t hear in an antenatal class about pelvic girdle pain, water birth, surviving an induction and don’t miss my famous Walk Through labour workshop!”

Joanna: I teach hypnobirthing courses to couples in and around the Maidenhead area. These are antenatal courses with a twist, filling you with knowledge about labour and birth, relaxation skills, a confident mindset through self-hypnosis techniques and empowering you to take control of your care. 

I am a midwife and have my own hypnobirthing experiences so am well-placed to answer any questions you may have”.