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Social Media Manager and Online Marketer


Beachseeker Media is run by Lianne who is a Social Media Manager, Coach and Online Marketer based in Berkshire. She works with small businesses to develop their online presence by helping them with their social media marketing strategies, email campaigns, landing pages, logo design and more. She offers a wide variety of packages to suit any requirement or budget and can also provide services on an ad hoc basis.

Lianne also helps businesses with their offline marketing by designing business cards and flyers and she has an online digital store for downloadable content and self help guides.

Beachseeker Media Services

Lianne manages social media accounts and offers Instagram training and content management for platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok and LinkedIn. She also has the skills and set up to manage the photography for product-based businesses.

As well as this, she can also work with small businesses to plan their website landing pages, newsletters and social media content. Her packages are available on her website.

Lianne keeps on top of the latest trends and shares updates and tips from her own social media accounts. She is also a qualified teacher but was unable to work as a supply teaching during the pandemic. As well as running her marketing business, she also creates planners and resources for teachers and offers career support to jobseekers. 

About Lianne


You were a supply teacher before you set up your business. What made you decide to work in social media and marketing?

When the pandemic started, I had been building my career as a supply teacher. During my free time I was admin on several very active Facebook groups. Since I couldn’t go into schools in the first lockdown, I offered to help a friend – I’d met on one of the Facebook groups – build his car detailing brand on Instagram.

As I was learning so much about how to use Instagram to market a business, I decided to start an account to share this with small business owners. I also wanted to help people during the pandemic and find a way to connect with people.

My followers started asking me for help with their accounts, so I had to come up with prices and services…in a way my business kind of built itself!

I’ve also always been interested in human behaviour – my first degree is in Psychology – so that really helps with the marketing side of things!


You also design digital products and flyers. Have you always been creative?


I have always been creative. When I was in secondary school, I was a member of a photography club – that was back in the days we used a 35 mm camera and had film to develop, rather than it all being digital. When I lived in Brighton, I used to walk around the city taking photos to then change into paintings. I even built my first website for that ( and sold a few of those!


Your services and skills have expanded since you launched Beachseeker Media. Do you enjoy keeping up with the latest trends?


I really enjoy learning as I go and learning in response to my clients’ needs. In social media you need to keep up with the current trends otherwise you wouldn’t appeal to anyone. I’m always reading articles, blogs or watching videos from other creators; and the Head of Instagram, Mosseri, about their updates. Having a Gen Z son really helps with that too as he’s always making videos, showing me new ways to create transitions and showing me the latest apps.