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B-Fit Ascot

B-Fit Ascot Fitness Classes for Bump, Birth, Baby and Beyond

B-Fit Ascot is run by Bernice who is a midwife, Pilates teacher and fitness trainer.

Bernice has a passion for women’s health, whether they are prenatal, postnatal or beyond. Her classes are informative and interactive, focussing on health, strength and wellbeing.

B-Fit Ascot run a wide variety of classes which include Pilates, running and circuits. You may be a mum, a mum to be or someone wanting to reach your health and fitness goals.


Bernice holds Pilates classes for various stages including Pregnancy, Postnatal and Women’s Core Pilates.

Pregnancy Pilates are classes suitable for all stages of pregnancy. Ideal for core and pelvic floor work as well as time for discussions on different topics each week relating to pregnancy and labour.


Contact Details

 bfitascot.co.uk   bfitascot@outlook.com

 07920 841871


Buggy Fit Exercise class in Windsor

Postnatal Pilates are fitness classes for women who are six weeks postnatal or more. The core and functional exercises build up strength and can be done with your baby beside you. There is also time to discuss topics each week or to ask any questions that you may have.

Women’s Core Pilates is for all levels of fitness and for anybody.

Classes are help in small groups and are usually held in person. However with Covid-19 restrictions, classes will be held online with a member’s area on the website to re-visit recorded sessions.


Mummy Top to Toe

As a personal trainer and qualified midwife, Bernice also offers a Mummy Top to Toe one-to-ones. These are ideal for postnatal Mums who want to get back into exercise safely.

You are able to discuss your health or any concerns over your postnatal assessment. Plus talk through your birth experience.  Appropriate postnatal exercises will then be set for you to do at home.


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Running and Personal Training

Not only does Bernice offer antenatal and postnatal Pilates sessions, but she also offers personal training for any stage.

Fitness and training is tailored to you and your own fitness goals. Plus she will help you to get back on track with nutrition and healthy eating.

Bernice is a natural running coach and holds running sessions and offers individual training plans.

You can build up your fitness levels and improve your running technique and avoid the risk of injury.

Check the Website or Facebook page for changes in outdoor fitness restrictions.



Yet another B-Fit Ascot fitness class are the Buggyfit classes and circuits. A great way to get out and get fit after having your baby.

These classes are normally held in Savill Garden or The Long Walk in Windsor and again are suitable after your six week postnatal check. You can continue the classes up until your child or children start school.

The circuits are held outdoors (in normal circumstances) and are fun group sessions for Mums and their children.

If your little one attends nursery or you want to do the class without them, then you are more than welcome.

About Bernice


What made you get into teaching Pilates and Fitness for pre and Postnatal (and beyond) women?

As a midwife I could see that there was a real need for education for women about building core and overall strength in pregnancy and the postnatal period. So I decided to train as a personal trainer so that I could offer that support to women. I have since realised that a lot of the work I do with postnatal women on connecting the core and pelvic floor is good for women of any age as it strengthens the connection and even for women that run or lift weights as it’s so important to know how to breath and connect properly to the core.

You are also a Midwife. Have you always had an interest in women’s health?

I’ve always been passionate about women’s health and being an advocate for women so that they feel in control of their birth and then feel confident with their babies. It’s the same with health and fitness – it encourages women to feel strong and more in control.

How popular have the Buggyfit classes been?

Buggyfit has always been extremely popular and even more so now, when we are able to meet outside. It’s a lovely social class and I’ve seen such amazing friendships being made through Buggyfit. It’s a power walk with exercise stops which means it’s accessible for all fitness levels and exercising in the fresh air is so good for mental health.

Do you offer nutritional support as well as personal training?

Yes as a personal trainer I encourage women to keep a food diary that I can access via an app. I then try and get them to think about making healthy lifestyle choices, so the right combinations and types of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. I avoid calorie counting as it’s about trying to create healthy eating habits for life rather than going on a diet.

You enjoy setting challenges for your clients and social media followers. Do you think these are a useful way to kickstart a new healthy lifestyle?

I love following a plan and ticking things off so I feel that setting challenges really help lots of women to stay on track and gives them things to aim for, plus the lure of a prize draw always helps too!