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Luxury Bespoke Furnishings and Interiors – Maidenhead

Asraana’s Creative Director and Founder Joti Reehal, has always had a passion for luxury bespoke soft furnishings. She designs collections for homes in the Maidenhead, Marlow, Bourne End and Henley areas.

Her family manufactures home furnishing in which she became involved with from a young age. Joti’s business ideas and love of fabrics, design and manufacturing helped them to evolve the business and become experts on their field. Their bespoke interiors, cushions, throws and homeware products not only sell online but also in high end department stores.

 Contact Information

Get in touch with Joti for enquiries for luxury bespoke furnishings for your home, your pets or for your outdoor space


Asraana Pink and white pillows, cushions and bolsters

 Soft Furnishings and Interior Designer

With her extensive knowledge for fabrics and soft furnishings as well as having great connections, she believed there was a gap in the market for bespoke designs and cushion collections in the home and garden. She also designs Pet Beds to match your decor.

By working closely with her clients, Joti is able to create exclusive bespoke home accessories, such as cushions, throws, pillows and seating for indoor and outdoor spaces in a style to suit your home and personality which can be adapted for any season of the year.

You can include details such as embroidery and piping, trims and finishes in different types of fabrics to suit your budget.

She also can offer a very unique service where she helps you to swap your home accessories to compliment the different seasons, such as warm cosy fabrics in the winter and lighter, brighter ones in the summer months. Or you can change your colour scheme without redecorating the whole room. This is great when you are entertaining guests, fancy a change, or updating a growing child’s room.

Scatter Cushions by Asrana in gold, beige and brown

Simple touches with colour or patterns can revamp the whole look and feel of your home, or just a few rooms relatively quickly.

Home and Garden

In the warmer weather when many are entertaining outdoors, you can brighten up your outdoor furniture as well. By updating the seating of your outdoor furniture and introducing new fabrics and/or cushions, you can transform your entertaining space. Or have a tranquil feel if you just want to be outdoors.


Asraana do the majority of their manufacturing in house, and do their best to work with UK based manufacturers and suppliers where needed.

By keeping it British, they can reduce their carbon footprint and support the local economy and promote UK manufacturing. Fabrics and fillings are all locally sourced and all products are made made inhouse too – some which are made from recycled products.

About Joti

Where did the name of your business, Asraana come from?

have been asked many times “where does the name come from?”⁠⁠
The name is very significant to me. ⁠⁠
The letters ‘AS’ start the name with my Father’s initials. Avtar Sagoo – he was my everything! When he left us, he left such a big void in our hearts and in our lives, and naming my business after him was always something I wanted to do. ⁠⁠
The word ‘Saraana’ means pillow in our language.⁠⁠
The combination of the two came to me in a light bulb moment while driving on the M25 out of all the places in the word! ⁠⁠
I fell in love with the name Asraana and the way it flowed. ⁠⁠
I also always love to give as much as I can to charity too, so for every cushion I sell, I will be donating a pillow to the homeless (or a donation to the value of a pillow – whatever is more required at the time). Then this fell into place too – A saraana for the ones that don’t have a pillow to rest their head on at night. ⁠⁠
For me, this name was perfect for the business, I hope you like it too!


As more people are spending more time in their homes and gardens, do you feel people are thinking more about decor and furnishings?

Yes absolutely! What we do around our homes is so, so important.

It’s not possible to always change big pieces of furniture like beds and sofas but a quick change of paint and then adding smaller items to compliment like cushions and throws is a simple and easy transformation to the room that completely changes how the room looks and more importantly – how it makes you feel while living in it.

Taking this into the outdoor spaces and so many people are being so creative in their gardens. Be it with plants, trees, or adding seating areas to relax in. We have done lots of projects where we have added seating and scatter cushions to existing outdoor furniture or even new seating areas that have been made – making outdoor spaces a lot more comfortable and inviting – and post lockdown, the seating in our garden is even more important.

Do you think there is a strong connection with having nice things around us and mental health?

Your environment has a huge impact on how you feel.

When you look around yourself, if you are really happy with what you see it makes you feel great and that positive feeling has such a strong effect on your mental health.

Your home is an extension of your energy field.  If you concentrate on getting rid of clutter, it frees your mind and those positive energies start to flow.

Add to this – an environment that lifts your spirits and you feel happy to live in, to entertain in, and just be in, it will always have a great positive effect on your mental health.


You have a passion for what you do, and also using mainly UK based manufacturers. Are people becoming more aware of supporting local and also sustainability?

I love manufacturing soft furnishings. I really love what I do. But it’s not just the love of manufacturing  – it’s what it means to my customer. It’s the loving, homely feeling they will experience every day with our products. It’s that positive vibe they will get every day when they start their day and when they come back from work too.

Over the last 20 or 30 years, manufacturing in the UK had really fallen and so many people were going abroad to find their goods and also find talent and experts in their field.

More recently, there has been a huge turn around and we have seen more and more UK talent appearing and I feel whilst most of the manufacturing of my products is done inhouse, there are local manufacturers who embroider, supply trims, make tassels, etc and I will always use them first. Only if they really can’t do what I am looking for, do I go aboard.

Even fillings such as foam, feather, fibre (made from recycled plastic bottles) and ethically sourced UK wool are locally sourced so we can keep it British – as much as we can.

I feel if we can keep manufacturing as local as possible not only are we reducing the carbon footprint of our products, we are also doing our bit to help the UK economy and we must all do our bit to help this country get back on its feet. Especially after what we all have just gone through!