Emma Kisby Face2Face Direct

The Face Behind Face2Face Direct

My name is Emma Kisby and I live in Maidenhead with my husband and two children. I’m a local blogger and I’ve written hundreds of blogs and online articles over the years.

I also have a background in healthcare and training, so my passion is being creative whilst supporting others.

There are so many things that set Face2Face Direct apart from traditional business directories. Each listing is a blog post – with a Q&A for a more personal touch.

I spend time getting to know the business so that all the information is there.

And including a promo video on the page is a unique way to help you to see the face behind the business.


To feature on the directory, contact me with the name of your business and where you are based. I will get straight back in touch with what I need from you.


Telephone: 07818 222362 

For Businesses

Face2Face Direct supports local businesses and side hustles in and around Maidenhead, Berks. By promoting you and your brand, you are able to have a premium business listing on the website with a link to your own website (if you own one).

A premium listing includes a blog post in the form of an interview, so potential customers and clients are receiving information about how your business works and expertise it has to offer. Plus having an insight to the history of how it came about. Alongside the post, there will be a minimum of one quality photo to accompany.

A blog post is a great way to help drive traffic to your website and rank better on the search engines. Plus give you more recognition.

As well as a written post, you have the option to include a short promotional video, slideshow or raw video. Videos are powerful for advertising and getting strong messages across in short spaces of time, and are therefore the way forward.

As part of the package, you will have social shares on our Facebook and Instagram platforms and be featured in our newsletter. Any news, events or upcoming workshops can also be shared on the What’s Happening page.

Please see our terms and conditions for more details.


For Customers

Face2Face Direct is an easy to navigate local magazine style business directory for you to find the services you require. The drop down menu allows you to select the business category you are looking for, or you can find each category set out on the main page.

Face2Face Direct is a unique business directory as you are able to read a face to face interview with the business owner and most listings have a video. This allows you to have a good idea of the services on offer, making your enquiries more efficient.

Although there are no reviews on this site, you as the customer may save time in decision making and getting a feel for what is on offer for you. If the business has their own website, you can also click on the link on the page for further details.

We provide you the information only and are not responsible for any disputes or issues you may have with a business on the directory.